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Santa's Little Messenger Race

December 13th, 2008
Hurt Park, Atlanta

This year was an exciting one. Twenty-five racers participated to pick up fifty-seven toys. Because of the disparity in toys-to-riders, I decided last minute to switch the format of the race to a straight-up alley cat. My complete write-up is here.


  1. Registration starts at 10 am. Racing starts at 11 am at Hurt Park. All riders must be paid and registered by 10:50 am in order to race. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. "Toy" and "package" mean the same thing in the remaing rules.
  3. "Index cards", "cards", and "manifests" all refer to the same thing in the remaing rules.
  4. Each toy has an associated index card which will detail the corresponding street address, email address, telephone number, toy description, points value. The email address will not be pertinent to the race.
  5. As you are about to pick up a package (5-15 minutes before) it is advised that you telephone the donator and confirm that the toy is ready to be picked up. DO NOT ASK FOR DIRECTIONS!. This is your job to find out where you need to go.
  6. There will be a race official handing out index cards at Hurt Park AT THE START OF THE RACE ONLY. Once leaving Hurt Park, riders should only return to Elliot Street Deli and Pub. After the start of the race, the race officials will move to Elliot Street Deli and Pub to collect ALL dropoffs and hand out new index cards.
  7. Each toy has an associated points value based on the direct-line distance between pick up and drop off points. All packages will be delivered to Elliot Street Deli and Pub ("drop off"). If a toy is 5 miles from the drop off(as calculated by gmaps pedometer) it is worth 5 points.
  8. If a rider/team delivers two toys and each is 5 miles from the drop off, but the total distance the rider travels to pick up the toys is more or less than 10 miles, then the two packages are still worth a combined 10 points. It is possible that a rider may pick up two toys from the same house which is 5 miles from the drop-off. The rider would only have traveled 10 miles (to and back) but received 10 points. It is also possible that two toys may be on opposite sides of the drop off, each 5 miles from the drop off. The rider would then have traveled 20 miles to pick up two toys but still receive only 10 points.
  9. Teams of one (solo) or two riders will compete to earn the most points over the course of the day or until all packages are picked up.
  10. A semi-real-time count of remaining packages will be available at the drop off desk. This way riders will know if the race is going to end early or extend long.
  11. A semi-real-time score board will also be available at the drop off desk. However, updating the score will be a lower priority to receiving incoming packages, passing out new manifests, and unexpected emergencies.
  12. Riders/teams cannot return index cards to the race officials once they have been drawn. Teams of two are allowed 4 index cards and solo riders are allowed 3 index cards at a time to allow for planning purposes.
  13. If there is a problem with picking up a toy call the race officials. You will be given one (or more) telephone numbers at the start of the race.
    • If the package is bigger or heavier than the requested dimensions.
    • If the toy is not there.
    • If the donator is not responding to your calls.
  14. It is up to each rider to have a way to carry any toy that falls within the required dimensions and size. If a rider is unable to carry such a package then it can not be delivered to the drop off and no points will be rewarded.

Other rules that pertain to most of our races (including this one):

  1. If you see a downed/disabled or otherwise looks like they are hurt rider, you must stop to offer assistance. (If they are just having mechanical problems like a flat you do not need to stop)
  2. Teams are accountable for the whereabouts of their team members.
  3. We race, RAIN OR SHINE.
  4. There are no limitations on equipment used to race with the exception that it must be human powered.
  5. Stay positive, have fun, ride bikes!
  6. And finally... Race officials have the last call in all disputes. Let us know if you have any.



  1. Ben Owens, Stewart Haddock (tie)
  2. Robert Domlin, Jim Hodgson (tie)
  3. Andy Harper
  4. "Candyman" Dan McCauley
  5. Alex Flood
  6. Charles Myrek, Tommy D. Erik Hansson, Mark Babsock, Gabe Tong (tie)
  7. Johnny Colt, Johnathan A. (tie)
  8. Tauran Mabry, Rich Lyew (tie)
  9. David Makenzie, Brandon Hartman, Justin Barber (tie)
  10. Randy
  11. Alex, Kenny, and Kenneth (DNF)


  1. Laura Colbert
  2. Sandy Saffold, Amy McCarthy (tie)

Men's 1st place: $50 Outback Bikes gift certificate, $20 Elliot Street Pub gift certificate
Men's 2nd place: $50 Outback Bikes gift certificate
Women's 1st place: $25 Outback Bikes gift certificate

Outback Bikes x25
Phi Tran, Bryan Alcorn, and cuh2a Atlanta x15
Jaime Walker x3
Jason Atwood x3
Kari Lindner x3
Chantelle Rytter x2
Jeff McMichael x2
Chris Schwartz x2
Helen Franks
Johnny Colt
Andy Harper
Kyle Ary