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FM:Race 2013 Road Ride

Every week on Thursday, FM:Race meets up for a social hilly road training ride, leaving The Gear Revival on Marietta Street at 6:45pm.

Use #fmride on twitter for trash talking and what not.

Image Credit Chris Bulloch.

Some things to know:

FIRST RIDE: March 14th, 2013.


  • ~30 miles
  • 3000+ft of climbing including a few especially terrible climbs
  • About 2 hours start to finish, including regrouping once towards the middle.
  • Average pace is 14-17mph, which hurts more than you think given the hills.
  • Loop is ridden clockwise
  • Helmets and front and rear lights are required. It gets dark by the end!
  • We will wait for you unless we specifically tell you that you're being dropped, or you let us know, but there will not be dillydallying at the tops of hills. The emphasis is on the terribleness of the climbs. The people that fly off the front? They don't know the route and you shouldn't follow them. Want to show how cool you are? Win every KOM sprint, don't disappear off the front. If you're 'gapping the field', you're doing this ride wrong. Please don't show up.
  • There is only one place where we'll stop for you to eat or use the bathroom. The Exxon on Paces Ferry at i-75 which is a little over half-way in. Theres a spigot for filling up water bottles there, and bathrooms.
  • We will not ride if it is raining at 6:30pm or there is a 100% chance we'll get rained on
  • #fmride route and cue-sheet on Strava

Click through to View Larger Map for a cue sheet. There are, uh, a few turns.

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