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FM:Race 2009 Road Ride


Thanks everyone for coming out! It was a good Summer of riding hard, and we'll tweak the route a little bit next year, but plan on spending your Thursday nights riding with FM:Race starting sometime next spring!

Every week on Thursday, FM:Race meets up for a road ride, leaving Outback Bikes in Little 5 Points at 6:30pm. Some things to know:

  • 30 miles
  • 2000 feet of climbing
  • less than 2 hours start to finish, including regrouping
  • Average riding speed hovers around 17-18mph currently
  • Loop is ridden clockwise
  • We've added an optional hill sprint up Cochise Drive towards the NW corner of the ride. It's a loop, so you can ride the sprint and enjoy the downhill, or catch your breath for a few minutes. At the top of that is another optional hill sprint up Overlook. These two combined add 400 additional feet of climbing and a little over 3 additional miles

These rides are not "no-drop" rides, but at the discretion of the group, they may wait a minute or so at each of the points marked on the map.

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elevation profile

download the kml file to view in Google Earth or put on your GPS.

This is an example of the FM route marking with a KOM label and the KOM line. This exact writing is at the bottom and top of all 3 KOMs on the route, and the mustache immediately precedes each turn on the route with an arrow indicating the direction of the turn. The route is marked until piedmont park, where we ran out of paint: