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Privacy Policy

1. The e-mail address you use to register will never be used for anything except personal contact from the FM webmaster for things regarding your account (password resets, premium membership creation and expiration, etc).
2. You're posting on the internet. Duh. This means that anyone can read anything.
3. Expect anyone in the world to be able to view other information that you put in your profile. Spell your phone number with strange sounding words, whatever you like, but that information is out there!
4. Ads run here, including Google Ads. Here's what Google has to say: Google Advertising Cookie and Privacy Policies. There are instructions to opt out of tracking there. Tf you're not comfortable with everything you do on the Internet being tracked (and specifically tracked by Google), you really shouldn't be using the internet. If you'd like to block these, block javascript from "".
5. Google Analytics runs here. This is used for tracking activity on the site, and the data it collects is only used aggregate numbers for FM webmaster eyes only. More about what Google may or may not do with that info from Google's Privacy Overview. If you'd like to block this, block javascript from "".
6. Quantcast runs here. From their site: "We do not link Log Data to any other Personally Identifiable Information about you or otherwise attempt to discover your identity." Read their Quantcast Privacy Policy. If you'd like to block these, block javascript from "" and images from "".

It's the internet. Don't be stupid.

This site pays for itself with ad revenue. Accurate numbers from Google Analytics and Quantcast help make that happen. Please consider paying up if you're going to be blocking those sites, or blocking ads. Thanks!

You can comment here, and I may update this with your comments but please note that comments will be deleted. The forums are a better place to discuss.