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Pay Up!

Faster Mustache depends on you to keep running!

As the number of users, discussion threads, and pictures to go we have ongoing bandwidth costs to keep up with. It's not a whole lot, but just a little bit from you can make all the difference in the world.

FM is running on some heavy duty hardware with a heavy duty internet connection. Expenses of running FM pay for monthly hosting of this and a portion of the server. I'm still basically out of pocket for all of this so every little bit helps.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your account today! (Donations are also always accepted).

Another great way to help out is to buy hosting from me for your hosting needs. More information about this at

Pay Up!

Paid memberships are $15 a year (Or $150 for a lifetime membership but seriously, whos gonna do that). Here are the buttons to pay up, I prefer cash in person, followed by Paypal, followed by Google Wallet (Google Wallet and Paypal charge the same fees now, but Google charges me when I refund transactions :(). Scroll down to the bottom for what these $15 a year get you!

Pay with Paypal

If you'd like to make a donation, just Paypal it to ckdake at ckdake dot com.

Those that donate in excess of their account purchase or renewal will have nice things happen to them. These aren't decided yet, but they'll be nice and somehow proportional to donation amounts.


FM is partially supported by advertising via pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, and advertising program referrals. The following services provide advertising for this website and they treat us pretty well. Google Adsense,

Text Link Ads

If you would like to dicuss advertising on this site, please contact me at ckdake at ckdake dot com.

Paid Accounts

Paid membership accounts are $15 a year. If expenses go up dramatically, membership fees may increase but any increase won't come into effect for you until 1 year after your last payment. Here is what a paid account gets you:

Paid Members:

  • Ability to hide ads when logged in.
  • Ability to hide your logged in status from other users.
  • Access to a super-sweet graph page that shows who talks to who else on the site and how much
  • Ability to use the "What's New" block on the top right if you want. This block gives you a list of discussion topics that have comments on them that you haven't read yet.
  • Ability to change your username
  • Access to a statistics page with things like the top 25 list of posters, # of paid members, $ of site donations, etc.
  • Access to full size images
  • Ability to edit your forum topics. (Not comments, just topics. This was removed from the "everybody" permission because someone new could delete threads they started that contained valuable discussion)

Possible future paid member only functions depending on site growth:

  • FREE BEER: I'm not in this to make money. If the websites enough in the green to warrant a gettogether, then there shal be one (or as many as needed)

And some things that will always be free:

  • Anyone will always be able to register, log in, view resized pictures, post threads, post comments, post events, see _ALL_ threads, comments, events regardless of if they have a paid account or not
  • Paid members will never have anything close to a rideculous advantages over non-paid members. The advantages should stay to pretty small usability features on the site, i.e. paid members will never be able to edit/delete a non-paid-members' stuff, etc.

Got Ideas?

I'm always open to feedback. If you think something should be paid members only or if you think something should be open to everyone, or if you just have a new idea for a feature please just start up a thread or let me know and I'll do whatever I can to make the most number of people happy as possible! I'm also open to suggestions on advertising. I prefer you start a thread for any ideas so that the community can provide input.