FM.24.09 - Planning Update!!

Guys and Gals - I am excited to report on progress in planning for what will be the greatest Alleycat on the planet. I can't reveal all the juicy details but here is some info to wet your pallet and get your training rides/drinking on the right track:

Mark your calendar: Noon-to-noon, September 12-13 at Jack's Pizza.

Checkpoints: You need to know John and Justin and Skip and the Brakery and Mike and Peter and Sandwhiches and Mitch and Reused Outdoor Gear and Peter and Nate and Ross (your favorite wrenches) and Jack and Pizza and Beer and Partying and Racing!


DLV 2009 Pro Racing Series - The Wheelrace

"Come and watch our best Women and "B" category riders take on Steve Hill and the "A" Train in the feature event, 'The Wheelrace'. 1 mile of torture in this handicapped event, seeing the Women and B's getting a head start on the A's and watch them all converge for victory in the finishing straight. Full program of racing for Women, B's and A's. Also featuring our popular Bicycle Little League Kids.


NO BRAKESwill be turning two years old and having our grand opening at our new location 586 Woodward Ave. in Grant Park. We will be throwing our third annual shop alleycat, so expect the usual racing, prizes, party, and beer.
More info as it becomes available here.

Critical Mass May 2009

Here's the drill. It's the last Friday of the month, the weather is great this time of year, not to hot, not to cool. We have been getting a lot of rain, so everything is beautiful and clean. Come out on some wheels, a bike, two bikes, skates, skateboard, grocery cart, wheel chair. It really doesn't matter, just come out and ride around the city with friends new and old, see parts of the city you may not have seen and share with community.

Race Report: Dirt, Sweat, and Gears 2009

The following is a glossary of terms used in the DSG 09 Race Report:
1.glud \ˈgləd\ Mud with a sticky, slippery, clay-like consistency. Globs onto everything and weighs stuff down. Glues itself to your body and your bike. Very slippery and squishy to ride over.
2. crud \ˈcrəd\ Mud similar to glud, but slightly dryer and more prone to packing up on your tires. Usually contains grass which it cleverly deploys into your derailleur. Somehow even heavier than glud.
3. gloop \ˈglüp\ Mud that is runny and wet, like diarrhea. Lighter in color than glud or crud, gloop is light enough to fly in the air and coat your face.

Ride MARTA Day

It's really simple - we ride MARTA on Friday.

Who: Save MARTA, a growing coalition of organizations, communities, and individuals who demand sensible funding and legislative support for MARTA.

FM:Race kit next chance to order is now! You have 7 days to get money to me

We've met the quota for our next order, so it's order time.

Details at:
Prices at:

You have 7 days from the posting of this story to get your order and money to me. The price of everything will go up $5 an item for our next order and the race team will spend your $5 on beer when you aren't there and make fun of you behind your back, so get in on this now!

FM.24.09 - September 12-13, 2009

Had a good time at FM24 in the past? Missed out for some reason? Looks like we're up to it again this year, so clear your calendars. FM.24.09 will be the weekend of September 12-13, 2009!


Check back here on and on for details as they develop.

Dancing Deer Mother's Day Ride

For two weeks in April and May, the CEO of Dancing Deer Baking Co. will shift focus away from managing in a down economy, as she undertakes an extreme personal journey on behalf of 600,000 homeless families throughout the United States. 52-year-old Trish Karter will ride her road bicycle 1,500 miles over 15 days from Atlanta to Boston, stopping at homeless shelters along the way. Every year, 600,000 families with 1.35 million children experience homelessness in the U.S.

Hero Fest 2009!

Be Yr Own Hero organizes Wilmington's Critical Mass (and the Really Really Free Market, Food Not Bombs, etc.). We would love it if some of you could come up and do workshops or maybe help organize/participate in an Alley Cat Race or Bike Olympics!


Be Yr Own Hero is accepting submissions for the 3rd annual Be Yr Own Hero Festival (a.k.a. Hero Fest) for music, art, film, performance, fashion, zine/DIY/craft, and workshops/info sessions. The deadline for submissions is July 19th, 2009.


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