New front page!

SO yeah. Things are different. There are a lot of blocks on the right now, you can turn most of them off from your account settings if you like. Want something on the front page? I'll promote things as I see fit, if you want something on the front just mention it and I'll think about it. (Other people will be able to do this in the future, and there will be some neat community ways to get things up front)

Before/After big events, etc, if you want to take up your journalistic skills, PLEASE DO! Write something about it, submit it as a story, and those will go into a queue for the front page. Right now comments are off, I can enable them on a per-story basis or for all of them if you like. Thoughts?

(I'm not quite done with the blocks and all yet, but it's gettin there..)


Date For FM2407?

is there one? was this year too cold? rainy season?


[edit. taken over by ck:]

Sounds like September 8-9 is the way to go. Nice weather, Good for Johnny's, good for people in school, etc.

August 4-5 Still Summer! (people not back in school yet, so people out of town like gong and ck)
August 11-12 bike bike conference (still summer, gong+ck for sure not in ATL)
August 18-19 Weekend before GT/GSU classes start
August 25-26 Weekend before Emory classes start (but they start late in the week)
September 1-3 Labor Day/Dragon Con
September 8-9 weekend after LD, people may need catching up time? (Johnny's prefers this one to the weekend before labor day.)
September 15-16 IndyFan's wedding (ck likely out of town)
September 22-23 DLV Festival Of Speed
September 29-30


April Critical Mass

So on the last Friday of the month as usual, CM rides again. Ride bikes! (the details)

This will be my last Atlanta one for a few months. I'm off to California for the Summer so after this is SFCM for me!


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