FM:Race 2009 Kits in (your chance to order)

2009 Kits are here. They're hot. If you ordered something, stop by Outback to pick up the bag with your name on it.

here is another view. We'll be out in full force at the FM:Race ride tonight, and there likely will be a big in-town ride on Saturday.

Did you miss out? Did you just shum yourself because you realized that you really should have gotten something? This is how this is going to work:

Our min kit order with ChampSys is 10 items, not including accessories. You get money to me for what you want based on the prices on this page. Once we hit 10 items, I'll post a 7 day notice that we're about to order for other people to squeeze in, and then the order goes out. If we don't get in enough $ to place an order, you can apply your $ to a 2010 kit but I get the feeling that we'll have enough to do another order. Turnaround time will be a few weeks once the order goes out.

This pattern will repeat itself until the next big kit order (2010 kits), and we make no guarantees that you ordering before then will get you something before then. Currently there is 1 item on the list for round 2. 9 to go!

FM:Race Weekly Group Ride: Beta 0.1

The FM:Race team is cooking up a weekly road ride that is gonna blast your chamois off. We are in the early beta testing stages, but we would love to have you come and help us forge this beast.

What: FM:Race - hosted group road ride (~25 miles, 16-18mph avg)
Where: Starts at Outback Bikes, in-townish, hills
When: Thursday 3/12, leave at 6:30pm

The 3/12 edition will be no-drop as we test out route ideas. Once this puppy matures its gonna be hang on or go home.

- Kurt

Volunteers needed for Glennwood Academy 4th graders' Bicycle Safety Training Classes

As part of the Decatur Safe Routes to School Program, a Bicycle Safety Training Class will be held for the Glennwood Academy 4th grade class. We need volunteers to help P.E. Coach Hennessy with the sessions. The dates are March 25, 26, 27, 30, 31 and April 1. (Wed. – Wed.). There are 3 two-hour sessions a day and we need 3 volunteers per two-hour session. The sessions are 8-10 am, 10-12, and 12-2 pm.

Buy a beautiful pink Kazane track bike from nobrakes - for a good cause!

Kazane and NoBrakes put this beauty together to raise money to buy the title sponsorship for this year's first Festival of Speed. You have to go by NoBrakes to see this thing.

All the details are here. More pics after the break...

broken hearts and bicycle parts 5

Last year's event drew 150 cycilsts and we raised $2,000. We can do even better this year...

Friday Night:
Benefit Party at Lenny's Bar with Futureshock, Atlanta Sedition Orchestra, the Krewe of Grateful Gluttons, and More! FREE if you pre-register for the Alley Cat. Cheap for the rest of you.

2009 FM:Race Kit Order Form

So this is how this is going to work. Making a form on the internets that encompasses all this is hard, so you're going to need to figure out what you want, figure out how you want to pay, and email all that info to

These are things you can pick from. Figure out what size you want, how many of what things you want, and write that down! Reminder: all team members are required to buy a top and a bottom (or a skin suit) and socks. You know who you are.

Southern Cross race report

Last Saturday Faster Mustache Race Team represented at the first edition of Southern Cross, the unholy mutant offspring of cyclocross and endurance mountain bike racing. It was fantastic.

Atlanta Tricycle League

This is the next fundraiser party for FM:Race. It will also benefit the Luekemia and Lymphoma Society.

If you know anything about FM tricycle-based fund-raisers, you know not to miss this.

Here is the Facebook event page.

2009 FM:Race Sponsorship Drive Complete (and new kits!!!)

Thankyou to everyone who participated in the 2009 FM:Race Sponsorship Drive and a warm welcome to our new (and returning) sponsors! They are (drumroll....)

Outback Bikes, The Official Bike Shop of FM:Race
Swiftwick Performance Socks Keep your feet warm even when wet
Chesapeake Construction The Official Structural and Decorative Concrete Supplier of FM:Race
The Gear Revival The Official Outdoor Gear Supplier of FM:Race
Ergon Bike Ergonomics It fits
Citizens for Progressive Transit For a better Atlanta
Simply Floored Cover your loft
Thunderbox Studios Atlanta Publish your tapes
Van Michael Salon You think we wake up this beautiful?
Jane Schonian, Visual Artist Check in with your right brain
Avatar Events Group Plan your fundraiser
The Queen Group for a cleaner environment
ithought hosting and consulting this thread wouldn't be possible
Walter Krunkite Productions the man and the myth
Natural Death Meats and Leathers feel good about it
Bacon, The Official Fuel Source of FM:Race

Peep those websites and show them some love! Despite our economic meltdown, these guys and gals saw it fit to support Atlanta's favorive cycling team! Thanks!

And finally, peep these kits! The Official 2009 FM:Race kits will be made available to everyone who wishes to purchase one, even if you don't race with FM:Race! Details will be coming soon on how you can purchase your kit. Stay tuned!

FM:Race 2009 Kit

More kit pictures here.

Lastly (you made it this far, why not??) check out the newly updated FM:Race Fan Page on Facebook and become a fan! Everyone is doing it!

2009 Race Season starts with the Snake Creek Gap TT

This past Saturday (1/3/09) marked the start of the 2009 FM:Race season. The mountain bike team packed up and headed to Dalton, GA to run the first of three Snake Creek Gap Time Trials on the Pinhoti Trail System. We will be racing this same course on February 7th and March 7th and our best time of the three will count in the final results. NWGA Sorba puts on the race and they offer both a 17 mile and 34 mile option. The Pinhoti trail system is considered by many to one of the most challenging and technical trails in the Southeast.


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