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Fat tire tour of ATL

In recognition of my 28 years of doing the chequamegon Fat tire 40, i am hosting a 40 mile tour of ITP ATL MTB trails on Sept 14, one week before the Southern Single speed Championships, and the same day as the 32 running of the CFTF. 9am start Emory Village. Tourist need to "prove worthiness" of completing 40 miles un-aided by others with no support. Maps of proposed route given out at sign in. Only the occasional road sections will be outlined on the map. The trails systems are mostly unmapped or signed, so staying with the group is essential. Pace will be sociable, but moments of grandeur will be available. Strong possibility of pit stop(s) at pubs. I'd love to have some 'stache's with us....


Will these be the 'usual' night mtb trails, or will it get out a bit further?