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Sfatto Kits

PLEASE BE AWARE. I am a cyclist in the Emory area of Atlanta and part of a group of riders known as Briarcliff Bonzai. We have about 40 riders on our listserv. In the past we have ordered kits from Pactimo but were unhappy with the quality. I tried to talk the group into using Hincapie which I have had numerous kits through but they felt they were too expensive. Someone offered up Sfatto and we ordered kits in July 2012 totalling $4000. Needless to say we still do not have our kits and have been continually lied to by Richard Tillotson, owner. Someone in our group caught that you were using Sfatto and I felt you needed to know. We have given Richard until Feb. 28th before we seek legal action which is long overdue. It is very likely that he will use the money from you to finally get our kits out of Colombia where they are being held waiting for payment. I am not sure how much you have given him but you are at risk. We were not the first group to have issues with Sfatto. The same thing happened to a local triathlete group. I am a legit guy with no axe to grind. I just don't want this to happen to anyone else. BEWARE


Dear sharkmd,
Did you get any resolution to your kit order? Our kit order was placed end of January and still nothing. My efforts to communicate with Sfatto through their website and Facebook have not yielded results. I have since gotten Amex involved for my order by opening an inquiry. After 4 weeks of no response from Sfatto, Amex credited the money back to me. But no word from Sfatto and other FM members are likely still out the money until kits arrive. So your experience strangely follows my personal one.

Thanks for the info - I really hope you guys get this resolved. Our kits are obviously very late as well but we remain hopeful that they will deliver!

Glad you got a response from Sfatto with a delivery date.