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FM:Race 2nd Kit Order

Did you miss the chance to get your 2012 FM:Race jersey? Have you seen these sweet babies around town and just have to get your hands on one? Do you wish you grabbed some arm warmers the first time round? Have you wrecked and ripped up your first jersey?
Well here's your chance to get some more FM:Race gear. We will be running a second order, identical to the first. All details are here:

FM:Race kits

The order form is open now and will stay open until August 9th at midnight. Turn around time will be 6-8 weeks. Any questions email me directly @

Thanks, Jason!

Mark Mandrlbaum approached me at ales to trails said he ordered a kit in Jan. still waiting?? Did you lose his info or are they not in yet. He'd appreciate a call or I can

Gike I don't think the 2013 kits have come in yet. I didn't order any, but I think the order time was in January. They are notorious for running forever late. I'll forward along that he's looking for info.

I know the kit order does take time. Sfatto has not communicated any updates nor responded to any emails. If they can post twitter updates daily, they must be reading emails too. So the lack of communication is simply poor business acumen when local groups are their customer base.

Finally got an email from Sfatto. Kit order is expected in roughly two weeks.

Two weeks now, are the kits in? A number of other folks are asking too.

First, let me state I am not the clothier for FM. Whomever is, has not identified themselves in this forum. This is why I took it upon myself to seek answers regarding the Sfatto FM kit order. I realize it has been two weeks since the email update I received. I just emailed Sfatto through the facebook page this morning to get an update. Many of us ordered kit in January and I'm sure we are all wondering the same thing. I appreciate that it takes time and delays occur. I simply wanted to hear something from either the FM board or Sfatto. So if the FM board could offer any insight into the kit order or what deals we have with our sponsors, that would be wonderful.

We have received word from Richie that the kits will ship May 24th.

thanks for the update, kurt

So did the kit order finally arrive?