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Call for Sponsors!

Hello friends of FM:Race!

Please find at the bottom of this post the magical PDF document that explains the hows and whys of sponsoring the FM:Race team of cycling wizards. If you know of anyone who might like to be a part of our brand, this document will serve to educate, enlighten, and delight.

As you all know, we race in pretty much every cycling discipline that exists. Members of FM can be found anywhere there are bikes. Whether we are helping out, racing hard, or just hanging out, our involvement in 2010 will be every bit as complete.

This presents a great opportunity for the savvy businessperson. We can join forces! The business can to help us defray the costs of traveling far and wide, and in return FM:Race will spread the word about their products.

Our high level of involvement lends us experience, and our experience lends our opinion gravitas. Let us develop some opinions about your products or services!

Thanks for your help, and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns here or at my email address:

FM 2010 Sponsorship Guide


woohoo, let's race!!!1

No PDF? Perhaps I'm not that tech savvy, but there appears to be not PDF in your link.

click on the link that says "FM 2010 Sponsorship Guide"

the link doesn't work for me either

ah, it look like on a revision it changed from FM to fM. fixed the link!