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Georgia Cross Series # 9 Conyers GIHP Presented by FASTER MUSTACHE and Sorella Cycling

December 6th, Georgia International Horse Park, Conyers. A marching band playing 'Ride The Lightning' start to finish, singlespeed demo's available by Snyder Bicycles. Course is laid out, and is very spectator friendly. Bring whatever two-wheeler you have, a cooler of beer, and come race.



sorry about the double post, did not realize events were posted to the front page as well.

an event of this much promise for potential magnificence should be at the very least triple-posted.

i post em to the front as i sees em, and the event was first :)

HELL YES! ! ! !

nm already posted. i lose.

I'll have to be sure to make this one.

Is the wool team jersey de rigueur (after Labor Day)?

unless its white, or something.

But in their place - two bands!!


welcome to the jungle, suckas!

groove is in the heart

I'm so psyched for this race. I haven't ridden all week, so I'm going to die.

Better be other people in costumes, cause I don't wanna feel silly.

isn't that the point.

Anyone think they'll be able to give my derailleur a look over? I had a bad case of chain suck the other day and it threw my front der outta whack. Ever time I touch that thing I end up in worse shape than before.

Think anyone will be able to help me out before the 11am race tomorrow?

if i can't fix it someone else can...

if no one else can, then fuck it. I'll ride with a screwey derailleur.

so if you have any pictures, or know of any posted, please link to them!

Chris and I posted our photos over at under the racing section of the forum. Some others there as well.

Haha! I'm the third picture! Too bad it was before I covered myself in mud. But damn, I look almost as tired as I felt.

That was our first shot at promoting/organizing a cross race, and it turned out really well, so keep your ears open for more fm fun...

CX season is over and it was great, though way too short in my opinion. fm:race represented fuhrealz. Here's a summary:

FM was 6th in the Overall Team Competition (total of all racers scores)
FM was 7th in the Combined Team Competition (best score of one racer from each cat at each race)

Superstar Alex Clifford was 4th in Men's A!!!
Eric Nicoletti was 11th in A's after doing 2 races
Emily Brock was 8th in Women's A with only 2 races

Nico also picked up 23rd in the B's with 2 races (fixed!)
In Women's B, Kazz Neal raced 5 races for 10th place (of 25)

In the Master's Category Bob Bourne (aka Tall Bob) took 14th place. Bob missed a few races after a nasty fall and a cracked rib at the Savannah race, and still toughed it out to take 10th place in the Conyers race yesterday.

In the C's, there were a total of 156 racers throughout the series, and FM had an awesome turnout!
Chris Lewis took 32nd
Bob Donlan was 35th
X-topher Rampton got 37th
Eric Burke came in 41st
Jim Hodsgson was 51st
if you're counting, X and Burka-Burke did 2 races, IronDude Jim did 3, and Bob and Chris did 5

The rankings show regular FM contributor ToeKnee Bullard at 119th, but something is wrong because it doesn't show his points for yesterday's race. I'm sure Tony was Top 100.

In an even worse scoring mistake, I'm listed as 139th in the Men's C's, having beaten three people in Macon. However, as everyone knows, I had my pre-race ritual in the middle of the race (in the portapotty after the first lap), so it is impossible that I beat anyone. I apologize sincerely to those three fellows and hope for some recognition for my glorious DFL.

In the best category of them all, SingleSpeed, Nico did two races (again, fixed) to bring in a 17th place. A-Ron showed up yesterday and got 14th place, which earned him 35th in the series. Bob D and I tied for 41st/42nd place, and Bob B pulled in 50th after only one race.

they're getting much smarter.