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Psycho Cross 2009

Psycho Cross was a blast. A big thanks goes out to Jeff Hopkins and all the Volunteers who helped out. I knew this one was going to be a muddy one watching the juniors take hold of the short, but awesome, course. So for those of you who missed out on Psycho Cross, you missed out... It was as much for the spectators as it was for the racers. A good solid heavy rain the morning of left the grounds soggy and muddy, primed for cyclocross. To add the fun was the fact it was held on Halloween. So many racers were wearing costumes, and the ones not on costumes were dressed as cyclists (rim shot). Bruce Dickman kept everyone amused with his antics and race commentary.

The course layout was a mix of the track, inside the track, up the side of the track and around some of the asphalt and woods near it. The run up, or climb up in the case of Aaron and X, was unbelievably muddy and was so torn up even getting a footing was near impossible much less riding up it. The spectators helped and cheered on many riders going up this hell hill. The inside course wound on the inner field of the track and went across about every inch of the apron around the actual velodrome and inner field. 90% of the field started as grass and was quickly converted to mud after a lap of riding. A mix of slogging and grinding seemed to be the only real way to power through the mess. Many racers were covered in it after falls and the bikes were all a tone of red clay and brown by the end of each race.

Faster Mustache showed up in force and raced in C's with Aaron (5th), X-topher (8th), and Bob D (27th). Eric N who got 3rd, and Bob B (11th) raced in B's. Alex raced in A's and got 2nd place against an incredible field of riders. Congrats to X for his first cyclocross race! FM-racers spectating and holding down the handoffs (beer and honey bun) included Jim H, Seth, Roger, Gabe C, Chris K, and Jason A.

Noteable costumes included Banana Man, Elliot from ET (Me!), Cross Dressers(multiple notable Amy & Josh F), Closepin Man, Hippy Tye Dye Man, Burlap Sac Dude, and Zombie Eric. Forgive me if I forgot any other awesome ones.

For me personally this race was a lot of fun. Chug a beer, ride hard when you can, scream at the racers, smile a lot, mud washes off.

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sorry I missed out on all the fun! looks great. good work out there everyone.

I must say, there was something really excellent about Banana Man.

Looks like fun!