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FM.24.07: 3rd Annual Urban Relay

Another year, another amazing event. 201 riders on 59 teams completed 900 laps, which is about 13,050 miles. Think riding a bike from the South Pole to the North Pole and doing a victory lap around Greenland! These solo riders and teams of up to 6 met up at Johnny's Pizza on North Highland at 11am on Saturday, September 8th and someone from each team was riding from noon on Saturday until noon on Sunday. This year we only had one minor hospital trip and no bad interactions with the police. The RFID based race tracker was a huge success this year.

A Cycling Festival

The Route

Sponsors and Prizes

Lead Sponsor: Johnny's Pizza

Hosted Race Headquarters and provided 4 Porta Potties

Checkpoint Sponsors:

Prize Sponsors

  • Across the Street:
    • Stella Bicycle (Spirit Award)
    • Dinner/Margaritas for 6 (1st place team)
    • Dinner/Margaritas for 2 (x4) (Solo 1-4)
  • SkateEscape:
    • Rebuilt/Tuned Up Stella Bicycle (Spirit Award)
    • Bottled Water at checkpoint
    • Kryptonite NYC Chain Lock (Solo 1st)
  • Octane: 6 $10 gift certificates (1st place team)
  • No Brakes Bike Shop:
    • Location
    • "Wholesale" on U-Locks (2nd Place Team)
    • "Wholesale on 2 pairs of Miche Track Hubs (Male/Female Fastest Laps)
    • "Wholesale" on grips, clips, handlebars, etc (Misc)
  • Outback Bikes:
    • Bag with hats, t-shirts,socks, etc (Spirit Award)
    • Floor Pump (Solo 3rd)
    • Bicycle Shoes Out of Towner
  • CST/Maxxis Tires:
    • 5 pairs folding bead Maxxis Tires (4th Place Team)
    • 5 pairs wire bead CST Tires (5th Place Team)
    • 20 tubes (Misc)
    • 20 tire levers (Misc)
    • Maxxis Downhill Jersey (Bro Award)
  • Amy Lang: "Sweet" cosmetic gift pack (Sweet Award)
  • Highland Bakery Large Discount on Catering Breakfast
  • Jessica Lord Frame Pads (3rd Place Team)
  • Norman Porter Co:
    • Large Custom Messenger Bag (Solo 1st)
    • Medium Custom Messenger Bag (Solo 2nd)
    • Medium Custom Messenger Bag (Most Laps, Female)
  • Lynn/Transit Bags:
    • Large Custom Messenger Bag (1st place team)
    • 6 Hip Pouches (1st place team)
  • Lotta Fruita Lunch for 2 (Sweet Award)
  • Clothing Warehouse $20 Gift Certificate (Sweet Award)
  • Esperanza Clothing Hooked us up with their screen printer
  • Qudoba 12 entres, 12 Meal Deals (Misc)
  • Sopo Bike Co-Op Bike Blender
  • Jason Spruill/Spruill Photo Works Photography
  • Intown Bikes $20 Gift Certificate (Misc)
  • Mellow Mushroom $20 Gift Certificate (Misc)
  • Jersey Mike's 6 Free Subs (1st place team)


Full Results

Team Rankings

  1. Squid No Lock ring - 32 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 11:31:59
  2. Dreadnok - 32 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 11:48:16
  3. Gentlemen of Leisure - 29 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 11:27:05
  4. Team Blitzkrieg! - 28 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 11:55:45
  5. Marble City Mashers - 27 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 11:31:12

Male Laps

  1. Mouhamed Niang - 22 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 11:44:25
  2. Tim Carroll - 21 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 11:01:06
  3. Mike Nesius - 18 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 11:29:28
  4. Jason Eson - 16 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 08:17:38
  5. Jonathon Fitzpatrick - 16 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 10:54:11

Male Speed

  1. Donald Hoefer - 0:38:48
  2. Nathan Sibly - 0:39:48
  3. Rich Tillotson - 0:39:54
  4. Tim Carroll - 0:40:9
  5. Joel Marshall - 0:40:41

Female Laps

  1. Kerry Meyers Scales - 13 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 11:17:52
  2. Amelia Shackelford - 8 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 10:01:46
  3. Jessica Cohen - 8 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 11:24:58
  4. Melissa Patterson - 7 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 11:05:56
  5. Lisa Safstrom - 7 laps. last lap ended at 2007-09-09 11:56:53

Female Speed

  1. Lisa Safstrom - 0:43:13
  2. Melissa Patterson - 0:48:15
  3. Jennifer Walsh - 0:48:29
  4. Jackie Talahassee - 0:48:46
  5. Amy Lang - 0:49:15


The Lasch

From Exile

DJ Downtube

Extraordinary Contraptions

On behalf of The Extraordinary Contraptions, The Lasch, From Exile and DJ DVA, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everybody who came inside to have a listen Saturday night! Everybody put on a great show and had a blast doing it. And special thanks to the race organizers and Johnny's for hosting us all.

Extraordinary Contraptions: Listen to rehearsal recordings and check for upcoming gigs at Expect us back at Johnny's soon and hopefully at Lenny's in the near future too. We start recording our demo/ep this week and, of course, we will follow the Lasch's precedent and offer free samples at shows as soon as they're available! Lastly, send us a myspace message and let us know who/what you think we sound like, because we never know how to answer that question. And maybe you'll turn us on to some cool new tunes. (Maybe even people to play a show with!) Thanks again for prickin' yer ears up!


$3390 in pre-registration money was received. Additional money came from on-site merch sales. Most of this was spent on prizes and the bands, around $500 were spent on the tracking system, some of it was spent on things like breakfast, wristbands, printing, etc. We ended up with a little over $300 left over which has gone into the FM fund to pay for future events.

Feedback (send more)

Lots of people had lots of things to say. The majority of it was very positive about the event as a whole, the route, the tracking system, and all aspects of the race. We also received a lot of feedback that better categorization for prizes would be a big improvement, especially for women. Details below. More feedback is available in a discussion thread here: FM.24.07 feedback, and much has been emailed in. Please add your thoughts to that thread or email them to Thanks!

  • It was awesome!
  • Great route.
  • Great tracking system, cool to watch online and on cell phones
  • time of year was good (not cold like last year, nights were great), but could be better (real friggin hot, other cycling events on this day) (and The last Sunday of September is always the Six Gap Century. It's the biggest squid magnet in the region. The days are not as likely to be 90+, and the squids are mostly (2500 of them) up in Dahlonega.)
  • Portopotties were a good addition (often all 4 were full), but they did have a smell
  • Johnny's was great but we're outgrowing this location

For next year:

  • Better categorization and better prizes for women
  • Trash cans + recycling bins from the start of the race
  • More parking and camping space
  • Better guidelines for what new racers should expect (food, noise, etc)
  • Signs pointing to RFID readers
  • Pocket map of the route (out of towners especially)

Writeups and pictures and videos etc:

Noteworthy quotes:

  • I was duly impressed with how organized the event seemed to be and I was blown away at how fun and easy it was to track the progress of the teams online. Great job pulling it all off. The technology aspect of the event was amazing. We had so much fun being a stop on the route, I hope you'll consider us again next year.

    Congrats on a job well done!!

    Tony Riffel
    Octane Coffee

  • this was my first FM24 race, and it was great. my teammates were fantastic, as was everybody else who came out. i have never waved at so many bikers on dekalb ave before.

    the computer tracking thing was pretty awesome, and i'm really impressed at how well-organized everything was.

    i liked the route, too - at first i thought it was too long, but then i realized that because there were so many options, it kept folks on their toes.

    gold star!

  • well worth the trip and then some. FM blows me away, man.
  • Great jobs guys... I just keeps getting better and smoother each year.
  • Hands down the most fun I've had on a road bike. Well organized, especially the rfid cards and readers. Kudos. See you next year, if not sooner.
  • great race. very well put together. and the tacos from across the street were delicious.
  • killer!

    i'm destroyed. fighting with the squid guys all day and night was exciting and they were really gracious and humble about it for probably actually being much faster riders than us.

    the rfid was really really sweet. it was elegant, worked well, and gave all sorts of cool data. one of the best parts was having so many of my friends involved in the race just because they could watch it online and keep track of how things were going.

    and mouhamed! that dude made it! everyone rallied behind him and loved him and what he did was incredible. he would come in after every single one of his laps and look like he was about to die. but he still went back out...

    the time of year was pretty excellent much better than last year. riding at 4 in the morning was bliss. even though it still might be kind of cool to do a 15month rotation the 24 race so you get a different season each year.

    you guys pulled off something really amazing. i don't really have a lot of suggestions for improvements. the only thing i really noticed that sucked was that the portapotties smelled horrible. that's sort of out of your hands though.

    and it's pretty funny that for how awesome it was, spirits around the area totally improved around like 10-10:30 as more and more people came in and realized that they didn't have anymore laps to do.

  • Great stuff. Well done!

    The time of year was excellent: From a weather standpoint (I like the heat). Also from a student's standpoint (the semester hasn't transitioned into crazy-project-mode yet).

    The longer lap distance was good because it kept the check in/out table clear even with lots of riders. Also it was good for teammates to have longer breaks between laps for drinking/sleep/whatever.

    Only one complaint: I was fooled into looking 'across the street' for tacos, only to find out they were next door!

  • Came by and watched Sat night though. I've raced mtn, road, cyclo-X, 24HRS guys did a fantastic job! Lots of local promoters could learn from you!
  • just wanted to say thanks for a great weekend. i had a blast. liked the course a lot- long enough to have a little meat to it without being too exhausting. everyone that i dealt with as either an organizer of the race or an employee of any of the establishments that served as checkpoints was super cool and helpful. while there were obviously folks there who were more serious riders, everyone seemed to be there first and foremost to have fun which was very refreshing. i appreciate all of the work you put into this. can't wait until next year.