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FM.24.06: 2nd Annual Urban Relay

37 teams consisting of a total of 175 riders looped around the city for 24 hours starting at noon on Saturday, November 4th, 2006 until Noon on Sunday, November 5th, 2006 starting and finishing at Johnny's Pizza on N. Highland in this race between Good and Evil. We suggested they take the following route, but riders could take any route that they felt was faster as long as they visited all the checkpoints. In the end, with only two minor hospital trips and two (unrelated) traffic tickets, the riders completed 800 laps which is about 8,000 miles (Thats like riding 1/3 of the way around the earth!). Kyle, the top solo rider, did 160 of those miles on his own. Pictures of everything are available in the FM.24.06 photo album. Many kegs of PBR were emptied and The Lasch, The Cassavetes, and Arizona kept everyone entertained Saturday evening. Below are some memorable quotes, the route, some financial information, the full results, the sponsors, some pros and cons to keep in mind for next year, and all the pre-race information. Please email any updates, corrections, or additions to or post them somewhere else on this site! I know I've made mistakes and left people and things out.

Good vs Evil


"That was the most bang for your buck ever!" -Unknown spandex attired rider

"I've unclogged the toilet 7 times. You're doing the 8th" - Jack -> Christopher

"We had SO many teams in the top ten" - Christopher

"The open-format planning had me highly skeptical (I was pretty sure there would be various logistical and communications problems), but the execution was outstanding. Thanks for putting together such a fun event that ran incredibly smoothly. And thanks to everyone else who participated in the planning, organization, and execution." - Paul Johnson

"This was a great event. Considering all of the things that could have gone wrong and didn't given the course (open and on public roads), number of people involved etc. I was thoroughly impressed. I won't speak for the rest of us, but I race almost the entire Georgia Cup road series as Cat 4, now Cat 3 and have been to a plethora of events. Yours was well organized and simply damn fun. It was a nice blend of seriousness and perspective/comedy. I'd take doing this race over 24 hours of Adrenalin any day of the week. " - Patrick Vrana

The Route


No one ended up with out of pocket expenses that weren't covered later, registration $$ and merchandise $$ covered all of our expenses and we pretty much broke even. In addition to what was spent from registration money (175 riders paying $10 or $15 to register, you do the math) we received over $500 of donated prizes. We might post some more financial details later.

The Results

Lap Spreadsheet

Fastest Female Lap - Gwyneth Lodge (38 minutes)
Fastest Lap - Melvin Occasio (28 minutes)
Spirit Team: Kleine Panik
Spirit Individual: Gabriel
Most Female Laps - Lynn Johnson (8 laps)
Most Overall Laps: Kyle
2nd Most Overall Laps: Nathan
Made Traffic Their Bitch: Jason
Most Drunk Off Of The Free Beer: John Paul
Fastest DIY/non-pro Team: Dreadnoks
Perkiest Rider: Jessica Lord

Overall Team Rankings:

  1. Squid 1 (41 laps)
  2. Raviolli Bolognese Magnifico (39 laps)
  3. Team Awesome (37 laps)(23:29) (3rd place last year)
  4. Dreadnocks (37 laps) (23:50)
  5. Beverage Deluxe (36 laps) (23:43)
  6. Squid 2 (36 laps) (23:55)
  7. Parliament Bikadelic (33 laps)
  8. Highbrow Flamingo (31 laps) (23:20)
  9. 12" Cog (31 laps) (23:38)
  10. 850 Elephants (30 laps) (23:37)
  11. Little Curved Fish (30 laps) (23:38)
  12. SPSU (30 laps) (23:51)
  13. Keine Panik! (29 laps) (23:02)
  14. Wheels of Zeus (29 laps) (23:49)
  15. Hess Dog (27 laps) (1st place last year)
  16. Ugly Orphans (24 laps)
  17. Juggernaut (23 laps) (2nd place last year)
  18. Nuclear Rocket Punch (22 laps)
  19. Team Cyclops (21 laps) (23:30)
  20. Team Wetspot (21 laps) (23:34)
  21. Club Gang (20 laps)
  22. Fluffy Bunny Kitty Brigade (18 laps, 400 beers)
  23. Carte Blanch (17 laps)
  24. Black Sheep (16 laps)
  25. Harry Anus (15 laps) (23:08)
  26. Skid Viscous (15 laps) (23:10)
  27. Freddie Kruger's Kids (15 laps) (21:32)
  28. Tissue Equivalent Rejects (15 laps) (12:47)
  29. Eats, Shoots, Leaves (14 laps)
  30. Vader (13 laps)
  31. Manamana (11 laps)
  32. Anthropophagus (9 laps)
  33. Team Carbonio (6 laps)
  34. Snakes on a Bike (4 laps) (4:04)
  35. I Don't Give A Fuck (4 laps) (4:45)
  36. Love And Rockets (2 laps)
  37. The Melvins (1 lap)

The Sponsors

Johnny's Pizza - Headquarters for the race. Completely Awesome in every way possible

Other sponsors: (alphabetically)

On Site:

  • Redbull - a visit from the Redbull mobile and tons of free redbull
  • Smart Water - tons of free vitamin water and smart water

Bike Shops:

  • AVX Bike Shop - 2 bike hooks, 5 BO-1s, 1 sweet yellow jersey
  • Intown Bikes (1035 Monroe Drive) - 2 $25 Gift Certificates, Waterbottles
  • Skate Escape - discounts on FM purchased: 5 park tool multi-tools, patch kits, and a NYC Faghettaboudit Lock


  • Aurora Coffee - Lots of gift certificates
  • El Myr - 3 $15 Gift Certificates, Stickers
  • Frogs Cantina (931 Monroe Drive) - Gift Certificates
  • The Highlander (931 Monroe Drive) - $40 Gift Certificate
  • The Independent (931 Monroe Drive) - 6 $10 Gift Certificates
  • Inman Perk - $25 Gift Certificate
  • Jersey Mikes (931 Monroe Drive) - 5 Free Subs
  • Mellow Mushroom (931 Monroe Drive) - 2 $20 Gift Certificates
  • MJQ Concourse - 25 Free Drinks
  • Qdoba (650 Ponce de Leon) - 15 Free Burritos
  • Radial Cafe - $25 Gift Certificate
  • Rice Box (931 Monroe Drive) - 6 $5 Gift Certificates


  • Arizona - 2 CDs
  • Badical Industries - Whore of the Rings 2 VHS
  • Graveside Tattoo - one hour of tatoo time
  • Landmark Midtown Arts Cinema (931 Monroe Drive) - 4 movie passes
  • Relapse Theatre - free passes
  • Staci Janik - big discount on 2 handmade good/evil wallets
  • Studio Todd G (587 Virginia Ave) - 1 Free Men's Haircut
  • Virginia Hill Chiropratic (587 Virginia Ave) - 1 Free Visit

Faster Mustache contributed prizes:

  • hand screen printed race posters
  • Chrome Messenger Bag (purchased from Outback)
  • Reload bags and frame pads (purchased from ReLoad bags with a small discount)
  • 3 DVDs (Breaking Away, American Flyers, Quicksilver)

Faster Mustache notable individuals (alphabetical):

  • austin c: printing big maps
  • christopher: financials, registration table, route tracking system (the spreadsheet, buying punches), staying sober (enough) and giving out prizes, plumbing
  • chris s: getting lots of prizes donated
  • chris k: website, pictures, pre-registration
  • courtenay: manning the merchandise table
  • dawn/stephanie: finding Johnny's and generally getting the ball rolling
  • donald: route tracking system
  • dva: video footage
  • jeremy: tshirts
  • justin: getting smart water and redbull to show
  • kurt: graphics, website design, tshirts
  • roger: financials, registration table
  • scott: arizona
  • LOTS of other people: hanging out at registration table, directing traffic, testing the route out, ideas, etc


Looking for your feedback here! What went perfectly or poorly? What should we keep in mind next year? These are feelings we've received so far:
+everything coming together, no major hickups
+route in general
+The course: nicely done. Didn't make the shortcuts too advantageous and had the right amount of up and down ending in an up that sucked in a good way.
+route tracking system in general
+Punch cards: a bit awkward, but I think overall it worked. The only confusion was having one blow out of your hand. Now at 24 hours of adrenalin you carry a baton (short piece of wood) and you check in at the desk b4 you go on your lap and the person coming in from the lap checks in when they are done.
+The attitude of everyone running the event: At 4 in the morning it's tough to smile when you are cold and are constantly having people shove sheets of paper in your face. Those at the desk were fantastic and always encouraging.
+ Johnny's: The site worked very well especially for those of us who had a house nearby.
-long lines at route checkpoints at the start of the race (multiple punches? something faster?)
-tracking times of solo riders (need to get out and in time)
-Solo riders: I am sure we will see more next year. A plastic plate zip tied to the back of their seat with a big "S" would help those of us on the course recognize them and help them along/encourage them knowing that they are putting themselves through hell for 24 hours.
-people didn't have the cash to buy merchandise (we told them to!)
-vegan food availability questionable?
-parking issues (people weren't supposed to park near johnny's but they did)
-6 person teams are an issue for getting prizes donated at some places
-Traffic coordination at the transition site: It was great when someone was there stopping cars when we came out, but it wasn't consistent. I don't want to bitch and moan b/c I know those that were doing it were volunteering, but either we have someone there or we don't to avoid the confusion of coming down the drive blind not knowing whether the guy there is paying attention or not. An idea could be to mandate one or two volunteer hours per team to take care of this. With 160 riders this should be easy. Just have everyone sign up the morning of the race. If you don't show for your assigned time then you get docked a lap or two.
-Drafting: ok, this is going to sound queer, but I am happy to have a solo rider grab on to my wheel for part of a lap, but when someone from the team that is one place behind me does, that is simply not cool. I am out there busting my ass and don't want to have to shake someone at 3 in the morning because they are tired. I think this could be just an announcement thing, like "don't ride another competitor's wheel unless they ok it. It's not cool. Don't be a pussy."
-Cost: $10 was too little. I am not saying charge $100, but I would definitely would have paid more. Or maybe have a team donation/sponsorship opportunity that is open at the beginning. Maybe could afford for free entry for the top finishers for next years race?

Pre-Race information

Everything that follows was part of the information distributed before the race:


  1. The race is at Johnny's Pizza on N. Highland on Saturday November 4th and Sunday November 5th.
  2. Show up early! Everyone must be registered, paid, and have the waiver signed by 11:30 Saturday OR THEY CAN NOT RACE. There will be no parking available at Johnny's so please ride over or arrange a drop-off. The registration table will be outside in the parking lot (we are also looking for volunteers to man the registration table and help out during the race so look for a sign up sheet for that as well).
  3. There will be a small space for sleeping at Johnny's after closing hours so bring a pillow. (But feel free to leave Johnny's for sleeping/eating/etc.)
  4. There will be 3 bands performing Saturday night:
    • The Lasch 7:45
    • Cassavetes 8:45
    • Arizona 10:00
  5. PBR will be available at Johnny's with a special deal: you pay $5 for a mug and get $1 refils for the entire race (and any Friday night you go to Johnny's in the future!) Everyone is encouraged to have a good time but please be responsible about drinking and cycling. No one is responsible for your stupidity but yourself. Riding a bicycle while intoxicated is against the law.
  6. There will be hand-screened posters and T-shirts, as well as various other merchandise, available for sale at the race so remember your folding money!
  7. The race ends at 12:00 pm on Sunday - the last rider must be in before then for the lap to count. Closing ceremonies including prizes will commence at 12:30 pm.
  8. Working front and rear visibility lights are required (by us and by law) for racing at night. Helmets are highly recommended.
  9. Non-racers may hang out and party during Johnny's regular hours. Once the bands start at 7:30, it will be $5 for non-racers to watch the show. When Johnny's closes at 3am, only registered racers can stay.
  10. Suggested Route: clicky
  11. Don't forget: Lights, WARM riding gear (expected low of 35 F Sat night), tubes, pump and other tools, pillow.
  12. Stay positive, have fun, ride bikes!

Official Rules

  1. This is a checkpoint race. You don't have to stick to the defined route, you only have to hit the checkpoints in order.
  2. All field SAG must be done by bike.
  3. You need to demonstrate that your bicycle has working lights, both front and rear, at the time of registration.
  4. You can be denied a lap card by the race officials on the basis of impairment.
  5. Team number must be displayed at all times on your bicycle.
  6. If you see a downed/disabled or otherwise looks like they are hurt rider, you must stop to offer assistance. (If they are just having mechanical problems like a flat you do not need to stop)
  7. All rules of the road must be followed.
  8. Every team must appoint a team captian.
  9. Teams are accountable for the whereabouts of their team members.
  10. There are no rider substitutions. No riders may be added to a team after registration ends.
  11. There are no limitations on equipmnent used to race with the exception that it must be human powered.
  12. You have to have yourself and your team registered by 11:30am, Nov 4th to compete.
  13. Race is from 12 noon, Nov 4th, to 12 noon, Nov 5th.
  14. We race, RAIN OR SHINE.
  15. All participants will abide to the requests of the staff at Johnny's.
  16. You may not park a car at Johnny's during the race. There just isn't space. Sorry!
  17. How to get disqualified without refund/freebies/prizes/fun:
    • If you piss off the employees at Johnny's and are asked to leave their property, you will be disqualified
    • If you cheat, you will be disqualified. It's not cool. Much of this is on the honor system.
    • If the race officials decide for any reason to disqualify you, you will be disqualified
  18. And finally... Race officials have the last call in all disputes. Let us know if you have any.


  1. It is recommended that each racer learn the course before the beginning of the race. Do not expect a parade lap. If you don't know the route, get with rider who does and learn it.
  2. It is recommended that each team member carry a form of communication in case of emergency. (We will have a phone number and car for teams to call for medical emergencies but that's it)
  3. It is recommended that if you choose to deviate from the set course that you alert your teammates to your changes and do so at your own risk.

Lap Definition and Counting:

  1. Lap cards are issued one at a time to a rider with a unique identifer on each card (serial number or UID).
  2. Lap cards must have all six checkpoint punches to be counted valid.
  3. Laps start and stop at Johnny's Pizza, Highland Ave.
  4. Lap cards can be forfeited, and thus the lap forfeited, at the discretion of the teams. In case of forfeiture of a lap, a new lap card can be issued. Only the last lap card issued can be turned in for a lap.
  5. All laps must be completed by 12 noon, Nov 5th for the laps to count.

Winning Categories

  1. Most overall laps. Awarded to the team with the highest number of completed laps. Tie breaker will be for the overall time.
  2. Most individual laps.
  3. Fastest individual lap.
  4. Plenty more!