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FM24: First Annual Urban Relay

Hosted by Estoria 97 from October 22nd to October 23rd 2005, the first annual FM24 race was a great success! Eventually we'll get around to adding in all the details here, but here's what we can tell you so far: 13 teams composed of close to 70 riders did 3,200 miles which is like riding a bike on roads from south Florida to Seattle, Washington. Pictures are available here.

We Dare You

The Route

The Results

Fastest Female Lap: Dawn
Most Female Laps: Stephanie
Most Male Laps: Kyle (11 laps)
Most Broken: Brandon (collar bone)
Most newly pumped about biking: Mindy
Most Spirited: Austin
Most Drunk: John Paul
Solo Rider: Bobo
most "holy shit you shattered his windshield?!?!?!" : Jon
fastest lap : DVA
most "the only dude still here that rode a mountain bike" : scott
most "hey my tickets got drawn in the ipod raffle" : scott and liz
most "fake 'most intense manuver' " : the dude a drunk christopher was talking to, thinking the guy was jon

1) Speed Creation (team #11)
2) Juggernauts (team #8)
3) The New Hotness (team #3)
4) Fluffy Bunny Kitten Brigade (team #9)
5) Sopo Zero (#12)
6) 12" Cog (#4)
7) I Stole My Mom's Mustache (#1)