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The Story

First conceived in December 2004, with the first t-shirts made in March 2005, Faster Mustache is an independent organization made up of a diverse group of Atlanta residents with one thing in common: riding bicycles. Fixed or free, geared or single, cruiser, chopper, racer, clunker, we ride 'em. Our interests are as diverse as our riders but we are all dedicated to promoting safer riding conditions in Atlanta and being ambassadors for Atlanta's broad bicycle community. Faster Mustache events cover areas of interests including psychogeography, political/social activism, design, urban transit, urban planning and construction, food and drink, music (FM on and movies, art and culture, mountain biking, and quesadillas. The name came from some Grafitti on the site of a building in Atlanta which is no longer there from a band that no longer exists. You can read more about this here and here. Official logos for use on approved print and web media are available here. More on Flickr.

Momentus occasions in the history of Faster Mustache include:

There's a list of races here: Faster Races.

Weekly events may include the following. Consider them ideas for things you could do if you post, as other people will be interested!

  • Monday
    • Advanced Training at the Velodrome
  • Tuesday
    • Women/Beginner/Masters races at the Velodrome
    • Dirty Mustache Ride: in-town mountain biking, leaving Flying Biscuit on McClendon at 8:30pm. Intermediate/Advanced, 20+ miles, you'll need bright lights for this ride!
  • Wednesday
    • Races at the Velodrome
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Critical Mass - Last Friday of every month at 6:07pm at Woodruff Park (Followed by parties)
    • Midnight Ride - 11:59pm at Margaret Mitchell Square
  • Saturday
    • Mountain Biking! and check the calendar
    • Brunks On Dikes is the second Saturday of every month.
  • Sunday

Check with someone to make sure they are happening if you want to just show up. Nobodys not invited, but sometimes these things don't happen.

In The News

Contact Us

Want to contact us to find out more or something? Post it in the forums here!. PLEASE NOTE: requests to post events on our calendar will be ignored! Just sign up for a free account and post the event yourself.

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The People and some numbers

Some people say who they are here: Introductions
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Who we ride with: Allies