Welcome to FM:Race, the official race team of the Faster Mustache bicycle club. We started our race team with the goal of having fun riding bikes, pushing ourselves to be the best cyclists we can be. As a team we support Faster Mustache's goals of cycling advocacy, positive community action, and 2-wheel solidarity. Through service and participation, we aspire to join the bicycle racing community to work to keep our trails and tracks open and beautiful, and to keep the sport alive and thriving. As a seasoned and diverse group of bicycle nerds, we also provide mentoring to beginner and intermediate cyclists within Faster Mustache and Atlanta looking to learn a new sport or improve their abilities. Contact to find out more!

2011 Dick Lane Velodrome 1st Place Individual, 2nd Place Team, SCGTT Series 34-mile 1st singlespeed, SCGTT 17-mile 3rd singlespeed, 6h Greenway Grind 1st coed, Cohutta 100 3rd singlespeed, Chainbuster 6h Series 3rd place Duo
2010 Big Creek TT XC 1st & 2nd, Dick Lane Velodrome 1st Place Team & 2nd Place Individual, Georgia Cross Series 1st Place Woman & 5th Place Team, GA Cup TT Series 1st Place Clydesdale
2009 The Enduro 1st Place, Georgia Single Speed Championships 1st Place 20-29, 6 Hours of Ft. Yargo 1st Place Woman, Dirty Spokes 12 Hour 1st Place Team, 6 Hours of Tsai 1st Place Woman, SCG TT Series 17-mile 1st Place
2008 24 Hours of Conyers 1st Place Team, SCG TT Series 17-mile 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th

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Upstate Cranksgiving 2013 aka "Ride up and down Paris Mountain every which way"

On Friday I hopped into Nik's Refresh Technologies Powered Super Jeep and we drove down to Greenville for the Upstate Cranksgiving 2013. Aaron had recommended the event to us, but he was apparently going to be pre-occupied with Cyclocross this weekend and wouldn't be making it. Instead, we met up with Nico and Lilly from Atlanta and settled into camp to get ready for a big weekend. The forecast called for a warm, rainy day followed by a bitter cold day. But what else would you expect for November in the South?

Nico, Nik, and Kurt after a day full of Super D runs at Paris Mountain. Photo by Nik Fedele

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The Backyard Experience

Are you experienced?

The Backyard Experience is a multi-stage mountain bike race showcasing the BYT trails of Charlotte, NC. From the creators of the Tour de Charlotte, join us for a day full of slaying The Backyard followed by slaying Terrapin beers at Sir Edmond Halley's.

Date: October 27th, 10:00am
Online Registration:
Latest news and trash talking:

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2013 Kits

(x-post from

After 6 months of being lied to and deceived by Sfatto, who never delivered our kits and never returned our money, we have gone around them to the factory that produced the kits. They have had our kits waiting in their factory for months, waiting for Sfatto to pay (they never did). We have come to an agreement with the factory ourselves and the kits will be arriving soon! If you ordered a kit back in January, you should have received an e-mail on how to get your kit. If you didn't order one and want one now, stay tuned as we may have a few extras.

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PMBAR 2013

I believe there can be something said about trouping through an almost but not quite rain, pushing and riding a bicycle over terrain for a near twelve hours and covering something in the range of seventy miles all of which taking place below fifty degrees. One of the things that can be said about that, is this. All of the ingredients for a pretty miserable day are there, but baking that cake is a choice. Another thing that can be said, is enduring those conditions for long enough presents quite the platform for reflection.

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Tour de Charlotte

A road and trail stage race around Charlotte, NC

Join us March 9th for a day on the bike you will never forget. We will ride as a group on a 30-mile "Party Pace" route around Charlotte. We'll stop along the way at 4-5 locations, called "Stages" where we will have a mini race. Some races will be Cyclocross style, some Cross-Country MTB, and one Fat-Tire Road Criterium. The Tour de Charlotte will be a showcase of in-town Charlotte trails, paths, and commuter routes.

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How to save your putrid helmet

A little while ago, I replaced my LAS helmet because I couldn't take the funk anymore. The awful vinegary face-melting aroma. It's not that I didn't try to wash it. I put all of the pads in the washing machine. I scrubbed the helmet, and I soaked the straps. It didn't work, the funk persisted, and I bought a new helmet. I never got around to tossing the old, funky helmet, thinking I may one-day need it as a backup. And perhaps the putrid stench would mellow with age.

This, I think, is the main culprit of the funk. These webbing straps absorb ride-after-ride of sweaty, salty, greasy off-gassing. And then it festers in your bike bag.

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Mudfest 2012, a.k.a. Rome Winter Cyclocross

Kelly and I rolled up to David Heath's farm in Rome, GA on the morning of December 30th, wondering the frozen ground would evolve as the day went on. It had rained quite a bit in the week before the race, and then a good freeze set in the afternoon before, hitting 29 degrees by late afternoon. But, as you see below, the temperatures were on their way up so we had no idea what was in store for us. Her race was at 10 and mine was at 10:45... and that 45 minutes made a big difference.

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Dirt, Gut, and Doughnuts 4

*photo by Dahron Johnson

I had found out about this race because Gabriel had recently gotten involved in an organization based out of Nashville called, “Ride For Reading.” It is a group who hosts book drives (book rides) and various other fundraisers including this race for kids at underprivileged elementary schools. Eating doughnuts and racing mountain bikes to benefit kids is a pretty kick arse way to spend one’s Saturday.

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2013 Faster Mustache Kits - Taking Orders Now!!

The order is up and running! Sfatto is providing a store front to order 2013 kits this year. Great news is we won't be paying Google fees or shipping (if you pick up your kit in CLT or ATL).

Order kits here between now and January 27th:

A few notes:
* If you're picking up your kit in CLT or ATL, you should select "Ship To Team Manager" and note CLT or ATL in the buyer comments on your order. This is IMPORTANT to speed up the sorting and delivery process.

2012: The year of TSE -- mustaches and manifest destiny

Yea... That's right. I said "manifest destiny". Westwards the wagons. I lived in four states this year and now I'm back in Colorado. The pull of the West remains.