FM: Charlotte in 2012 - The Meconium

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For 2012, we officially expanded the Faster Mustache race team to Charlotte NC, with the freshman class consisting of myself, Gwyneth Lodge, Tim Anderson, Zac Avant, and Jon Tumas. We competed in events all across the south, focusing mostly on mountain biking but also track, cyclocross, and alleycat races.

We started the year off in true masochist fashion in February at the Icycle in the far-west mountains of North Carolina, where I got my first taste of downhill racing. We earned 5 podium spots as a team, a momentum that we would keep up through the entire year. We went on to have great races at 6hrs of Warrior Creek, 12 Hours of Santos, Southern Cross, 12 Hours of Tsali, River's Edge 50, and Fool's Gold 50.

Kurt beginning the descent down Bull Mountain Trail at Fool's Gold 2012

One of the highlights of the year, and a galvanizing force for our young team, was Burn 24 Hour Race. FM:Charlotte and FM:Atlanta both brought teams, and we battled the ATLiens down to the last minute to take 4th place.

Another highlight for me was the Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race, or PMBAR. I had spent nearly every available weekend since I moved to Charlotte exploring and learning the Pisgah Forest trails, and finally got to put my knowledge to the test in a self-supported, self guided Pisgah scavenger hunt that had us riding nearly 80 miles over 10 hours. I teamed up with Tumas, and I am proud to say that both the Atlanta and Charlotte FM teams finished.

Gwyneth and I were also excited this year to be a part of the first year of racing at the Giordana Velodrome. In addition to racing there, we taught classes and certified dozens of new racers.

FM: Charlotte also stayed true to the FM roots, participating in every alleycat Charlotte had to offer. It was fun and heart warming to hear some young hipsters scornfully dismiss the beatdowns I handed to them as "some fucking squid". Little did they know my jean-shorts-riding, squid-bashing history.

Zac and Future mustachio Rich Dillen also achieved something else pretty cool: They won the Sun Valley Remedy and got an all-expenses-paid mountain bike vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho!

Zac soaking up the Sun Valley, ID rays.

We had great support from Charlotte sponsors including Sir Edmond Haley's (amazing food served late and the best pint of Guinness in Charlotte), Espada Bicycles (beautiful bicycles and local flavor), and Refresh Technologies (Brilliant IT).

We are also very proud to welcome 5 new members to the roster for 2013: Nik Fidele, Colin Rohde, Rich Dillen, Nick Barlow, and Joey Emanuel!

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Kurt's Results 2012

1/28/2012 Icycle XC & Downhill Race Fontana Dam, NC ??
2/25/2012 Southern Cross Dahlonega, GA 53rd Open Male
4/13/2012 Spoke Easy Alleycat Charlotte, NC 2nd
4/20/2012 New Belgium Urban Assault Charlotte, NC 2nd Coed Team
4/20/2012 6 Hr Warrior Creek Wilkesboro, NC 15th Solo Male Open
5/5/2012 PMBAR Brevard, NC 32nd Open
5/11/2012 Friday Night Track Rock Hill, SC 4th B
5/19/2012 Tsali 12 hour Bryson City, NC 33rd Sport Team
5/26-27/2012 Burn 24 hour Wilkesboro, NC 4th 5 man open
6/8/2012 Friday Night Track Rock Hill, SC 9th B
6/14/2012 Friday Night Track Rock Hill, SC 9th C
7/5/2012 Friday Night Track Rock Hill, SC 2nd C
7/10/2012 NCSSC Charlotte, NC Open Male
7/12/2012 Friday Night Track Rock Hill, SC 4th C
8/23/2012 Friday Night Track Rock Hill, SC 3rd C
8/25/2012 River's Edge Uwharee, NC 11th Solo Open Male
8/31/2012 Friday Night Track Rock Hill, SC 1st C
9/8/2012 Fools Gold Dahlonega, GA 14th 50 Mile Open
9/29-30/2012 GA SS Champs Hartwell, GA 2nd Sport Male
11/9/2012 Princess Bride Alleycat Charlotte, NC 5th
11/2/2012 Tales from the Crit Alleycat Charlotte, NC 2nd