Fort Yargo Dirty Duathlon

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My company sponsors the Dirty Spokes Duathlon series and Tim Schroer, who runs the show, invited me to come race. The race was held at Fort Yargo, which is one of my favorite places to ride close to Atlanta. The trails are buff and fast with minimal climbing, perfect for hammering.


The course began with a 3.8 mile run followed by an 11 mile bike and finished with another 2.1 miles of running. I’m not the greatest runner , so I thought I’d invite X-topher to race with me since he’s been gearing up for the Publix Half Marathon this weekend. He agreed and early Saturday morning we were on our way to Winder.

There was a solid turnout with over 200 racers total across all categories. Namrita O’Dea was out there competing solo. Yikes! X set out on the run and quickly disappeared into the woods near the front of the pack. I figured I had about 20ish minutes to warm up and get ready for the handoff.


The runners were really strung out with X coming in around 15th position. We had a quick exchange of the timing chip and I was off. I rode as hard as I could and quickly began passing people. Soon I had nothing but clear trail in front of me. I’m very familiar with Yargo and knowing that I only had one lap to ride I pinned it.

Towards the end of the lap, I heard someone creeping up on me and eventually the rider came around. It was a guy I had passed earlier and he was surging or I was fading. I thought to myself that since I had passed him once I could do it again, so I hung onto his wheel to the finish and sprinted past him at the line. X was ready to roll and after another quick chip exchange he was booking it.

I barely had enough time to catch my breath and get a drink before I saw him coming back in to the finish. He was the 3rd person in overall and the first from the team category. We won!

High fives were exchanged, a victory lap was ridden, cold beers were enjoyed and it was back to Atlanta. X and I both had a really good time at the race and will likely be at the next one in April.


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That sounds like a fun race format. Great job!

That explains it...

That would explain the remnants of race tape and spray paint I saw there on Monday... Solid Duo gentlemen! I'm stoked for the cinco de mayo 9/6hr race there.

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That does sound like a fun format. Good job!

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Congrats! Oooo and that medal is so a ninja star or somethin!