Atwood Takes 3rd in the B Omnium

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The second of three Dick Lane Velodrome: Festival of Speed's concluded this past Saturday with success is the B's. From the beginning, the day was hot and humid. The racing started off with a short, but usually fast race -- the five lap scratch. The field rolled out, but no one was willing to pick up the pacing duties, so things stayed slow for the first three laps. With a lap and a half to go, I saw another racer looking itchy to sprint. I knew I had Jason Atwood on my wheel, so I decided to beat him to the punch. Without looking back, I jumped and trusted that Atwood would stay on my wheel. I maintained the lead until there was about 100 meters to go, at which point Jason came around and took the victory (I ended up in 4th) and secured a spot in the spring final. FM:Race started the day off right in the B's.

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The competition in the A's was fierce to say the least, but despite the competition, FM's newest addition to the track squad Brian Tester took 3rd in his heat of the scratch race. FM was off to a solid start.

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The next couple races were met with success in the B's with Jason snagging 5th in the Point-a-lap race and 4th in the points race. The race that put Jason in firm standings was the miss-and-out. This race is notorious for being ruthless since it's very easy to get boxed in and get pulled despite being one of the stronger racers in the field. For the first couple laps, Jason and I were having a difficult time moving towards the front and out of danger of being pulled. Going into turn 4 of just the third lap, we found ourselves in the back with me furthest back. I ended up being pulled, but Jason straightened up and found his way to a safer position. After holding on until the field was reduced to a three-man sprint, Jason edged out Pete for second place. All that was left was the sprint final, but at this point, Jason had secured 3rd place.

One of the special events was a 50-lap madison. FM had one and a half teams entered -- Justin Beiber Barber and Brian Tester were one team while Jason paired up with a rider for a different team (Rob Evans). Justin and Brian looked strong for the first 25 laps, but it's hard to keep up with the pros. In the end, Justin/Brian took 6th place and Jason/Evans took 7th.

A long day of racing in the hot and humid Georgia July was finally complete. FM made a strong showing with four riders representing and one taking 3rd place in the B's. Our eyes are already on the next Festival of Speed where our goal is to finish with two riders on the podium. Thank you to our sponsors, especially Swiftwick Socks who kept my feet dry despite everything else being drenched in sweat, and Loose Nuts Cycles for coming out and watching.


nice work Jason (and Rob!)!

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Sprint Tournament

and another team member got second in the Need For Speed Sprint Tournament, FWIW.

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who was this other teammate?

who was this other teammate? none other than Brian "The Tyrannical Teabagger" Tester

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Bubba TTT?

Bubba The Tyrannical Teabagger, Bubba TTT?