Man grabs mom's boob while riding bike.

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A woman is sexually assaulted by another cyclist while riding her bike with her 10 month old on her back.

Alex -- Stay out of Boulder!

Full Story via Urban Velo

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yeah well

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a recumbent is one of the world's weirdest bikes?

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A Madison Sling gone

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Wait? I can press charges

Wait? I can press charges when you grab me on my bike Greg?

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Child abuse?


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Mom would be proud

“She is just a girl. I bet I can grab her boob and she’ll never catch up.”

‘cept that its wrong and she did, douchebag. Not only that, she did it while talking on her cell phone, with a load strapped to her back (and one that is heavy but fragile. But hey, look on the upside, at least you got your picture in the paper and a google entry. Cool no?

And you wonder why boobs and the bits that are directly or indirectly attached to them don’t seem to like you…