bikes and taxes

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why do folks get credit for driving hybrid/electric/etc. cars, but they can't get credit for buying bikes? i own two zero emissions vehicles and i want some cash money.

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You're actually under CTMA at

CCTMA is the Clifton Corridor/Emory one. You have to sign up under the right site or interns like I was have to switch you around in the system and it's a big hassle. You'll have a 1 in 10 chance of getting $20 every month. wooo. I never have, but hey, I know it happens.

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Is there a TMA for

Is there a TMA for decatur/dekalb county in general?


You would be under the general catagory of "metro area commuters." Your site is

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I've been looking for a general category for ages!

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i'm signed up through that one

and i won a $25 visa gift card last month

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Their signup requires that I input a single specific workplace location and its distance from home. And I'm all over the place. I emailed them and am waiting to hear back.

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a v g

Yo, pick a average distance fool! - mr. T

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Yo sucka, I can't do complex

Yo sucka, I can't do complex math! I don't have to find the mean because I AM mean! Grr.

(I thought of that but I wanted to check before I did it.)

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The Internet does this:

You could calculate 95th as well... record the distance of 100 commutes, take the 95th number and use that as your distance.

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Fucking musicians


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If you wanted to bang

If you wanted to bang musicians you should've become an entertainment lawyer.

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One of my fellow workers won

One of my fellow workers won Downtown TMA's $ 100 prize in December. We've been raking in those $ 10 gift cards.

Was the ice/snow mix last night fun or what? Both my headlights lost their charges on the way home. Pretty watching the snow swirl while it lasted, but that stuff just tortured me when it hit my face.

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Snow Yay, Sleet Boo

It was nice, but the sleet mixed in really stung in the face.

I blame global climate change for making it 1° too warm and keeping me from sleeping in and not having to go to work this morning.

OT: I won the $100 award one month last year. I remember trying to use it (Visa gift card) to buy something at Performance and their system not accepting it. From that incident and others I have decided it is not worth my time to bother going to Performance.