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Faster Mustache is a progressive non-organization made up of a diverse group of Atlanta residents with one thing in common: riding bicycles. We believe in the power of cyclists to change our communities and our world through ongoing discussion, entertaining events, and positive action. Online and on the road, at work or at play, we challenge everyone to use a bike. It doesn't matter what type: fixed, free, geared, single, cruiser, chopper, racer, or clunker. No two bikes are the same and certainly no two riders are the same, but in the auto-centric city of Atlanta, we have fun sticking together. Simply put, we invite everyone to bike everywhere with us. Welcome to Faster Mustache!

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FM.24.09 Thanks!

Thanks for coming out to FM.24.09, and keeping the biggest FM.24 ever a positive, safe, and fun experience! Each year we learn a little bit more and get a few more things right. Some quick fun facts about this year:

  • 1788 laps (21456 miles) by 358 riders on 90 teams. Wow!
  • Serious competition in all categories from solo riders battling it out with 5 people riding over 300 miles each, to teams of 6 scouring the city to complete missions like "bring a photo back with you and 5 different College entrances," to small groups of riders meeting all over the city for sprint competitions, trick competitions, etc.
  • We planned for 250 people, ended up with 350+, and the only capacity problem ended up being that we were short 2 porta-poties somehow. (There were supposed to be 4! Sorry about that!)
  • We're not aware of any fire/police/medical emergencies related to FM.24 and even had insurance this year just in case something did go wrong.
  • We couldn't have asked for or found a better venue than Elliott Street Pub and Deli. They kept the food cooking, the beer flowing, and morale high throughout the night.
  • The tracking system continues to improve and the experience seemed smoother than last year aside from the "lap combining" issue for many teams first few laps. Hopefully we got all of that taken care of.

If you have any feedback, please post it here or feel free to privately email it to (We won't associate it with your name without your permission).

If you have any photos/video/etc, please post links to it here and tag it wherever you have it on the internet with "fm24" and "fm2409".

Thanks again for your participation, it wouldn't be FM24 without you! We'll have a more detailed writeup once everyone catches up on sleep.

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FM.24.09 Bonus Point Missions posted

Head on over to and click on "bonus list" to get a printable list of point missions!

All must be completed during the duration of FM.24.09 to count and if we have any reason to think you're cheating, we won't give you the points.

EDIT: All bonuses are either "one per team" or "one team". Either the first/best team gets it (where labeled as such) or each team can get it once.

We may add a few things as the event progresses, so check back every now and then!

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FM.24.09 Less than 24 hours to pre-register!

FM.24.09 pre-registration closes at midnight tonight. You must complete the pre-registration form and send money using paypal by midnight tonight to take advantage of the reduced rate. At midnight tonight, pre-registration will be disabled, any funds sent via paypal after midnight will be returned, anyone that has not paid will be removed from the pre-registered list, and you will need to register on site.

pre-register now!

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FM.24.09 New venue is Elliott St Deli and Pub

To make sure you are looking at the latest information, always check:

for details.

For reasons beyond our (and Jack's Pizza) control, we can no longer use Jack's Pizza in FM.24. The primary venue for FM.24.09 has been changed to Elliott St Deli and Pub. If you show up at Jack's pizza, you're at the wrong place!

Sorry for switching things with such short notice, to make it up to you we're having a few live bands.

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The 14th St Bridge opens tomorrow with no bike lanes.

Hey y'all,

Just starting a discussion and wondering if anyone is free to show up with me tomorrow morning, Thursday , September 3, 2009 at 10am for the grand opening of the 14th Street bridge over the connector. It has been 2 years in the making and is being touted for it's wider sidewalks, median, and design. I was wondering how we could get a brand new bridge without any bike lanes. Show up on your bikes if you can. This would be a great opportunity to show another form of transportation that could have been incorporated into the design of this bridge. See you tomorrow.

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FM.24.09: It's On! Details are on the tubes. now has all the info you need to know. We'll be adding a little bit more to it as we get closer, but things should be pretty accurate!

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FM.24.09 The Route

Lots more race details will be up tomorrow at but for now, this should keep you occupied:

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FM.24.09 Pre-Registration is open!

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The Event :
Watch Live Online:

09/12/2009 - 12:00pm - 09/13/2009 - 12:00pm
Atlanta, GA
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FM.24.09 - Planning Update!!

Guys and Gals - I am excited to report on progress in planning for what will be the greatest Alleycat on the planet. I can't reveal all the juicy details but here is some info to wet your pallet and get your training rides/drinking on the right track:

Mark your calendar: Noon-to-noon, September 12-13 at Jack's Pizza.

Checkpoints: You need to know John and Justin and Skip and the Brakery and Mike and Peter and Sandwhiches and Mitch and Reused Outdoor Gear and Peter and Nate and Ross (your favorite wrenches) and Jack and Pizza and Beer and Partying and Racing!

Winning: You need to have the most laps (Yellow), be the first to the top of the hill (Polka Dot), Have the fastest lap (Green) and complete the most missions (Red). You bring the skills that earn you the jersey, we'll make sure you are rewarded handsomely. All walks are welcome, whether you come for speed, endurance, tricks, or treats.

Tracking: Our refined RFID lap tracking system will keep the data, you just worry about turning the pedals.

Celebrating: Specials from Terrapin and PBR will keep you refreshed, even if your just there to watch all the action. Don't miss out!

People: The usual suspects plus plenty of fresh faces. Young and old, big and small, and everyone in between. Tell your friends!

Helping: If you have an idea or want to contribute your time/expertise/connections, let me know: christopher AT faster mustache DOT org. There's lots more to be planned and all of this is subject to change/improvement if you are willing to put in the time and elbow grease.

In case you haven't been teased enough: