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Faster Mustache is a progressive non-organization made up of a diverse group of Atlanta residents with one thing in common: riding bicycles. We believe in the power of cyclists to change our communities and our world through ongoing discussion, entertaining events, and positive action. Online and on the road, at work or at play, we challenge everyone to use a bike. It doesn't matter what type: fixed, free, geared, single, cruiser, chopper, racer, or clunker. No two bikes are the same and certainly no two riders are the same, but in the auto-centric city of Atlanta, we have fun sticking together. Simply put, we invite everyone to bike everywhere with us. Welcome to Faster Mustache!

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Georgia Singlespeed Championships

September 29&30

09/29/2012 - 12:00pm - 09/30/2012 - 4:00pm
Payne's Creek Campground
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2012 FM:Race kits available for pickup!!!

Its finally time. Kits are here. If you requested your kit to be shipped, it is in the mail. Feel free to contact me for shipping info ( If you live in Charlotte, Kurt has your kits. If you live in the Atlanta area, your kits are available for pickup at

Loose Nuts Cycles
452 Cherokee Ave "A",
Atlanta, GA 30312

I apologize for not emailing people directly but apparently Google Checkout doesn't like giving me your email addresses. Again if you have any questions or complaints please email me directly.

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Burn 24 2012: Team Charlotte Edition

The 5-Man Team category of Burn 24 turned out to be, in the words of race promoter Jason Bumgarner, a grudge match. Not between 1st and 2nd, but down past the podium at 4th and fifth. The FM teams from Atlanta (Christopher, Nico, Aaron, Marc, and Yoni) and Charlotte (me, Zac, Brian, Joey, and Tumas) traded positions for the entire race, never gapping more than 10 minutes, and it came down to the last lap.
But it all started before lap one, in the lemans start. Teams at Burn had to put up one rider to run the roughly 1/3 mile loop around the camping field. Christopher and Tumas lined up for FM. Tumas loudly announced that he would win the run, and he came damn close. He tagged Zac to ride second overall, and Zac shot out like a cannon and quickly overtook the lone lead rider.

Tumas tagging Zac off after the lemans start

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Burn 24 Hour

The Burn 24 Hour race has become a Memorial Day weekend tradition for Faster Mustache. Since 2009, we’ve fielded at least one 5-person team and finished 4th (2009), 7th (2010) and 4th (2011). This year the newly formed FM Charlotte branch would have their own team. Both teams had difficulty finalizing rosters due to the busy holiday weekend.

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FM: Race Kits Now Available

Get your gear while its hot. The FM:Race jersey for 2012 is now available. We've got some great extras this year so feel free to browse the store. We will be taking orders until Midnight Sunday April 8th.

FM: Race 2012 store

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2012 BROWNWOOD Bike Rally - Cranking for a Cause!

05/05/2012 - 8:00am - 3:00pm
Brownwood Park, East Atlanta Village
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FM:Hills 2012

It's finally here! The thursday night FM:Race weekly training ride begins again after the daylight savings switch. First up: Ride on March 15th.

It's going to be cold, it's going to be hilly, you're going to be hella worn out by the end, and you're going to have a great time.

Changes for this year:
* More hills, with barely any more mileage. (This shouldn't be a surprise)
* Helmets and front/rear lights are required
* If you 'gap the field', you're not welcome on this ride, especially if you don't know the route. The emphasis is on the hills. Be a real Man/Woman and win every hill climb starting with the group. Pick a hill and make it yours every week (and on Strava?). Remember, this is a social training ride!

Route changes for this year:
* No more Mary George (too dangerous due to people/traffic/speed), we're back to the also super fun by very empty Marietta Rd hill. Check the map.
* New hill: Nancy Creek from the very bottom to the very top.
* Replacing the bumpy and trafficy ride in on Defoor with a new little terrible 'icing on the cake' hill on Woodland Hills.

You can mountain bike all day and then earn a free dinner!

Hi everyone! I'm going to offer all of you three chances at a free dinner at Fort Yargo. Here are the details:

I am the Camp Director for Camp Strong4Life (, a camp for overweight and obese children and their families, through Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. I am finalizing our plans for our upcoming family welcome weekends, during which campers and their families will learn about the Strong4Life Healthy Habits, practice skills to help them build and maintain healthy lifestyles, and set goals for lifestyle change.

Faster Mustache Presents the Georgia Cross Series Finale

December 18th, 2011

Faster Mustache presents the Georgia Cross Series Finale at Serenbe Inn. Dust off the mountain bike, throw some knobbies on that sweet color coordinated fixie, or talk your lady into riding the tandem with you and come out for a day of racing,fun and heckling. Free beer will be provided by our friends at Terrapin Brewery, Nico will be roasting an entire pig, and year end awards will follow races. See for race times and details.

12/18/2011 - 9:00am - 6:00pm
9110 Selborne Lane Palmetto, GA 30268-2282 (770) 463-2609
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Faster Mustache Wool Jerseys, Get 'em while we got 'em.

The weather is changing and so should your riding gear. Luckly we have a few of our wool jerseys still available. Get one before they run out. We have large and small short sleeves left. Check out the store for details:

Faster Mustache Store