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Faster Mustache is a progressive non-organization made up of a diverse group of Atlanta residents with one thing in common: riding bicycles. We believe in the power of cyclists to change our communities and our world through ongoing discussion, entertaining events, and positive action. Online and on the road, at work or at play, we challenge everyone to use a bike. It doesn't matter what type: fixed, free, geared, single, cruiser, chopper, racer, or clunker. No two bikes are the same and certainly no two riders are the same, but in the auto-centric city of Atlanta, we have fun sticking together. Simply put, we invite everyone to bike everywhere with us. Welcome to Faster Mustache!

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Dirt, Gut, and Doughnuts 4

*photo by Dahron Johnson

I had found out about this race because Gabriel had recently gotten involved in an organization based out of Nashville called, “Ride For Reading.” It is a group who hosts book drives (book rides) and various other fundraisers including this race for kids at underprivileged elementary schools. Eating doughnuts and racing mountain bikes to benefit kids is a pretty kick arse way to spend one’s Saturday.

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2013 Faster Mustache Kits - Taking Orders Now!!

The order is up and running! Sfatto is providing a store front to order 2013 kits this year. Great news is we won't be paying Google fees or shipping (if you pick up your kit in CLT or ATL).

Order kits here between now and January 27th:

A few notes:
* If you're picking up your kit in CLT or ATL, you should select "Ship To Team Manager" and note CLT or ATL in the buyer comments on your order. This is IMPORTANT to speed up the sorting and delivery process.

2012: The year of TSE -- mustaches and manifest destiny

Yea... That's right. I said "manifest destiny". Westwards the wagons. I lived in four states this year and now I'm back in Colorado. The pull of the West remains. 
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Serenbe CX by Faster Mustache

On December 2nd Faster Mustache hosted the 10th race in the Georgia Cross Race Series. The race was hosted at Serenbe Farms for the 3rd year in a row and, once again, Faster Mustache proved that we know how to host an event! Over 150 people lined up to race and hundreds more were there to support and cheer on the racers for what was a good time had by all. Faster Mustache turned cow pastures and hinter land into a rockin, rollin center of bike racin craziness, complete with bikes, beer, cows and corral.

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FM: Charlotte in 2012 - The Meconium

For 2012, we officially expanded the Faster Mustache race team to Charlotte NC, with the freshman class consisting of myself, Gwyneth Lodge, Tim Anderson, Zac Avant, and Jon Tumas. We competed in events all across the south, focusing mostly on mountain biking but also track, cyclocross, and alleycat races.

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Assail the Trail STXC

*Photos by Random Start Photography, Mandy Loorham

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8/18/12 - Chainbuster 6/9 Hour Race @ Heritage Park

Photobucket Click pic, this photographer made me sort of look fast!

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Angel's House

Many of you might remember Creative Loafing's Cover Story, The High Price of Hope, written about Angel's journey to try and purchase/renovate a home in Adair Park. The link for the CL story isn't working, otherwise I'd link to it here.

He's just posted a video explaining the situation and asking for help to keep the project moving. It's a great cause and no amount of donations could really repay Angel for the things he's done for Atlanta. Check out the video and spread the word:

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Race Report - Fool's Gold 100 and 50 Mile - 2012

Fool's Gold 50 and 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race is an endurance mountain bike race held by Eddie and Namrita of 55 Nine Performance. Faster Mustache has had participants in this race since 2007- back when Old Man Crenshaw was just Crenshaw! This year FM showed up with 13 (me, Aron, Burka, Witcher, Marc, Fast Eddie, Krautstache, Gwyn, Nico, Bob Joe, and 2 of Burka's friends!). Now that's a baker's dozen!

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FM:Race 2nd Kit Order

Did you miss the chance to get your 2012 FM:Race jersey? Have you seen these sweet babies around town and just have to get your hands on one? Do you wish you grabbed some arm warmers the first time round? Have you wrecked and ripped up your first jersey?
Well here's your chance to get some more FM:Race gear. We will be running a second order, identical to the first. All details are here:

FM:Race kits